Essential iPhone photography accessories

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Photography Accessories for iPhone: Improve your Photos with these Essential Accessories

In the world of mobile photography, the iPhone has become a powerful tool. With the help of iPhone photography accessories, you can take your photography skills to a new level. In this article, we present you the most essential accessories that every iPhone photographer should have.

Lens for iPhone: Capture Amazing Images

iPhone lenses are one of the most popular iPhone photography accessories. They allow users to capture images with a unique quality and perspective that cannot be achieved with the iPhone's built-in camera.

lentes para iphone

Types of Lenses for iPhone

There are several types of lenses available for the iPhone, each with its own characteristics and uses. For example, telephoto lenses allow users to capture details of distant objects, while wide angle lenses are ideal for capturing landscapes and wide scenes, then we have the more extreme fisheye lenses  to capture impossible photos.


How to Choose a Lens for your iPhone

When choosing a lens for your iPhone, it's important to consider your needs and the type of photography you want to take. You must also take into account the quality and compatibility of the lens with your iPhone model; there are specific housings for threading the lenses or the widely used tweezers.

objetivo para iphone

The KASE brand has both lenses, cases and clamps for different iPhone models, ensuring you the best quality photos possible thanks to a reference in the world of landscape photography.

Tripod for iPhone: Stability for your Photographs

An iPhone tripod is another essential accessory for any iPhone photographer. Provides stability to your device, resulting in sharper and clearer images.

tripode para iphone

Benefits of Using a Tripod in Mobile Photography

Using a tripod in mobile photography has several benefits. Not only does it improve the quality of your images by reducing camera shake, but it also allows you to experiment with photography techniques such as long exposure and time-lapse.

usando tripode iphone

Best iPhone Tripods on the Market

There are a wide variety of tripods available for the iPhone, from compact and portable models to more robust and professional tripods. When choosing a tripod, you should consider factors such as its size, weight, load capacity, and ease of use.

If you are looking for a tripod to carry in your pocket and use comfortably in any situation, we recommend the 3-legged folding ones, these are light and there are thousands of versions, for us the most suitable are the GorillaPod type that we can screw anywhere or the mini ones. -tripods with column.

When we are looking for something more professional we can go to tripods used by photographers with cameras but in their thinner version since the weight we have to support is negligible, yes, be careful with the wind!!

Another option is a gimbal or stabilizer, not only can we record videos with them fully stabilized but we can put them supported on a tripod to take the photo we want in a simple way, by the way, the eye tracking function is perfect so as not to leave never blurred even if we are a little restless.

Stabilizer for iPhone: Goodbye to Blurry Photos

An iPhone stabilizer (or gimbal) is an accessory that can make a big difference in the quality of your photos and videos. By minimizing camera shake, a gimbal can help you capture sharper images and smoother videos.

gimbal iphone

Why Do You Need a Stabilizer for your iPhone?

An iPhone stabilizer is especially useful for video recording. By reducing camera shake, a stabilizer can significantly improve the quality of your videos. It is also useful for long exposure photography and other techniques that require a steady camera.

estabilizador iphone

Recommended Stabilizers for iPhone Photography

As with tripods, there are a wide variety of stabilizers available for the iPhone. When choosing a stabilizer, you should consider factors such as its size, weight, stabilization capacity, and compatibility with your iPhone.

It is easy to find low-priced gimbals but they will not work properly, leaving you with slow videos. It is advisable to buy a gimbal with a good motor (high torque) and that allows you to charge your iPhone while recording, a real luxury nowadays when you are far away. from a plug.


Comparison of Photography Accessories for iPhone

To help you choose the best accessories for your iPhone, we have prepared a comparison table with the accessories most used by photographers.





Improve photo quality and versatility

Some can be expensive


Provides stability and allows for advanced photography techniques Can be bulky to carry


Improve the quality of moving videos and photos May require time to learn how to use it correctly

Frequent questions

Some frequently asked questions that might arise after reading our article on iPhone photography accessories.

Which iPhone photography accessory is the most recommended?

Choosing the most recommended accessory depends on your photographic needs. If you are looking to improve the quality of your photos, an iPhone lens can be an excellent option. If you are looking for stability, a tripod or stabilizer can be your best allies.

Are all photography accessories compatible with all iPhone models?

Not all photography accessories are compatible with all iPhone models. It is important to verify the compatibility of the accessory with your iPhone model before making the purchase.

Where can I buy these iPhone photography accessories?

These iPhone photography accessories can be purchased at electronics stores, photography stores, and online stores. Always remember to verify the authenticity and quality of the product before making the purchase.

Do I need any special knowledge to use these iPhone photography accessories?

Most of these accessories are quite intuitive to use. However, some accessories like lenses and stabilizers may require a little practice to get the best results.

Can I use these iPhone photography accessories with other brands of mobile phones?

Some photography accessories may be compatible with other brands of mobile phones, but it is important to check compatibility before purchasing. Some accessories may require special adapters to be used with different brands of mobile phones.

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