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A little over a year ago, Nikon decided to update its famous Nikon 14-24 f2.8 lens, which landscape photographers have enjoyed for so many years, to make it compatible with the new Nikon Z series mirrors, the difference in nomenclature is only one letter but the changes are quite noticeable.

The new Nikkor Z 14-24 f2.8 S lens pleasantly surprised us landscapers with the inclusion of a 112mm threaded lens hood and the ability to remove it. The old Nikon 14-24 lens was not prepared for the use of filters and the manufacturers of the same had to invent them to be able to use filters on a lens with a fixed lens hood, thanks to this lens the 150mm filter holders were born.

Nikon 14-24 Z What filter options are there?

We really have plenty of options for this lens, Nikon has hit the nail on the head with its new design allowing filter manufacturers to throw all the meat on the grill. Screwing the filters into the lens hood has been a fantastic idea as it allows you to mount your favorite filters on the lens with all the advantages of using a lens hood to avoid unwanted flare.

1. KASE 112mm Magnetic Filters

One of the most demanded equipment at KASE are magnetic filters and for the 14-24 lens this option could not be missing, we have all the advantages of magnetic filters at an extreme angle.

Currently the filters and accessories available for 112mm are:

KASE ND Wolverine (ND8, ND64 y ND1000)

KASE ND Wolverine Kit (CPL, ND8,ND64,ND1000,Cap, Bag)

KASE ND Revolution Kit (CPL, ND8,ND64,ND1000,Cap, Bag)

KASE Night filter 

KASE CPL filter

Magnetic Cap

KASE UV filter

Adapters (use your 112mm filters with other lens)

112mm filter Bag

The options are very extensive and the most important is that we have magnetic adapters to work with the 112mm filters on our lenses with a smaller diameter.

Let's talk about the dreaded vignetting when we put filters on these very angular lenses, with the KASE system and 2 filters mounted we will have 0 vignetting, brutal right?

Thanks to Carmen Terradillos we can tell you about vignetting with three 112mm filters, it is not conventional to have to mount 3 filters in this system but it is always good to know how far we can go with the KASE magnetic filters for this lens.

Nikon Z 14-24 filtro magnético 112mm

In the "unretouched" photo below, we can see vignetting with 3 filters at 14mm f2.8, this can be quite minor simply by using the lens correction in our RAW developer or closing down to almost 15mm.

Nikon Z 14-24 filtro magnético 112mm

2. KASE K9 100mm filter holder

Yes, it's not a mistake, using the special KASE adapter for its K9 filter holder we can mount 100mm filters on this super-angle lens without vignetting with 2 filters.

The only limitation we have is the use of two guides to avoid vignetting and the impossibility of using the integrated magnetic polarizer of the K9 filter holder but as always we have alternatives, KASE has 100x100 square polarizing filters or the rotatable insertable filter, you can see it in action in the video we made for the lens Zuiko 7-14.

You can buy the filter holder and adapter separately or the specific set, here you have all the options:

K9 holder for Nikon Z 14-24 

Nikon Z 14-24 adapter 

K9 Simple holder

K9 Kit holder

You can buy a filter holder and adapter. In addition to these options, KASE has directly threaded filters, like the original Nikon ones, but having magnetic filters, these do not make any sense since the magnetic ones have all the advantages of the threaded ones, adding the speed of assembly .tador separately or the specific set, here are all the options:

3. KASE ARMOUR 100mm filter holder

The most professional option of all, the best KASE filter holder already has the adapter for one of the best wide angle lenses on the market.

The KASE Armour and adapter set for the Nikkor Z 14-24 s lens will allow you to use the KASE Armour rotatable polarizer, as of today it is the only filter holder on the market that allows this function.


KASE ARMOUR adapter for Nikon Z 14-24

Thanks to the great functionality of the Armor filter holder, you can work with the magnetic polarizer or with a magnetic ND plus two frame filters (ND or GND), a total of 3 filters.

adaptador nikon z 14-24

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